The Bespoke Oven

The Bespoke Oven
The Bespoke OvenThe Bespoke Oven

Delivita beautifully designed versatile ovens offer superb performance and weighing only 30kg are portable to enjoy anywhere. Crafted by hand and featuring a traditional clay interior, our ovens take time to create to our exacting standards. ...(but perfection is worth waiting for!)

If one of our existing colours doesn't quite tick your box, then why not contact us and tell us exactly what colour you would like your 'bespoke' DeliVita oven to be?!

So whether you have a very particular colour scheme you would like to co-ordinate with or have a celebratory event you're planning, we can tailor your oven to suit you.

Please send an email across to us prior to purchase to ensure we can fulfil your colour requirements. 

4-8 Weeks Delivery Estimation. 

Vendor: DeliVita

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