Morso Tuscan Grill

Morso Tuscan Grill
Morso Tuscan GrillMorso Tuscan Grill

Like the earlier version, the new version of the Morsø Tuscan Grill is made of enamelled cast iron which makes it a perfect match for the Morsø Forno outdoor oven and Morsø Forno Gas Medio & Grande.

The elegant, angled outer rim being specifically adapted to the “Morsø handle”, this grill grate is easily lifted and moved about relative to the fire / the flames.
The Tuscan Grill 2.0 is easily rotated and, similarly, it is easily removed from the oven/grill, when the food is ready.

And, finally, the edge makes sure that the food will remain on the grate during cooking.

Vendor: Morsø

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