Morso Churrasco

Morso Churrasco
Morso ChurrascoMorso ChurrascoMorso ChurrascoMorso ChurrascoMorso ChurrascoMorso Churrasco

Morso Churrasco – a brand new accessory intended for the Morso Grill ’17 and Morsø Forno, thus adding yet a layer of utilisation potential to the already existing ultifunctional Morso Outdoor products. The Morso Churrasco facilitates the easy preparation of meat, fish and vegetables on skewers. The product consists of an adjustable frame, 1 skewer and 2 prongs. The material is stainless steel which withstands substantial fluctuation of  temperatures. Moreover, the ergonomically skewer handles are designed in oily oak.

Equipment for Morso Grill ‘17 and Morso Forno.
Material: Frame, prongs (304) & skewer (430) in stainless steel. Oak Handles.

Frame: H90 x W550 x D350/550 mm
Skewer: L790 mm

Vendor: Morsø

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