KamadoSpace Cover Extreme (Acrylic)

KamadoSpace Cover Extreme (Acrylic)
KamadoSpace Cover Extreme (Acrylic)KamadoSpace Cover Extreme (Acrylic)KamadoSpace Cover Extreme (Acrylic)

Extend your KamadoSpace table durability by protecting it from sun, rain, and snow. The cover is made of a breathable American Sunbrella® Plus fabric, resistant to UV rays, water, and snow.

Tailored to meet KamadoSpace table dimensions.

The KamadoSpace Cover Extreme is made of Sunbrella® Plus fabric, woven from the acrylic fibre. The fabric is designed for use in extreme outdoor weather conditions, based on a patented technology. The cover fabric ”breathes” – ensures air circulation, but does not allow moisture to enter, resistant to mould, cold, snow, UV rays, and fad-ing. The fabric does not shrink or stretch. Even after heavy rain, the fabric will dry in a few minutes.

Sunbrella® Plus was named the best water-resistant “breathable” materials of all. This fabric has been used for many years for the boat, yacht, various water transport equipment covering, “bimini”, “sprayhood” roofs – therefore is tested in much less favourable weather conditions than your terrace even in the biggest rain, frost or heat.

It is recommended to cover your KamadoSpace table with this cover when it is not in use. In this way, the metal components of the table will be even more resistant to rust, rainwater will not get into the drawers and they will not accumulate moisture, and the solid wood drawer fronts will look new for many years.

The cover is cut and sewn to exactly meet the dimensions of the KamadoSpace table. Made in Lithuania.

Shipping time scales approximately 6 weeks.



Width: 1610 mm / 63.4 in

Depth: 830 mm / 32.7 in

Height: 830 mm / 32.7 in


1.8 kg / 4 lbs


100% Sunbrella® acrylic


320 gsm

Tensile strength

Warp 140 daN - Weft 130 daN

Elongation at break

Warp 30% - Weft 15%

Tear strength

Warp 3.3 daN - Weft 2.5 daN

Air permeability

2.5 l/m2/s


Black (Jet Black)

Colour fastness to UV rays


Colour fastness to weather conditions


Colour fastness to dry abrasion


Colour fastness to wet abrasion


Vendor: KamadoSpace

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