Kamado Joe Rib Rack

Kamado Joe Rib Rack
The Kamado Joe Rib Rack adds great versatility to your outdoor cooking. It optimizes your cooking space and allows you to cook larger quantities of ribs by cooking them vertically in the rack.
  • 400mm (16") x 260mm (10") Base, with lifting handles sticking out 50mm (2") at both ends
  • Holds five racks of ribs/chops
The Rib Rack can also be used for cooking whole chicken legs, pork chops or any food that can be placed in the slots of the rack.
Use the Rib Rack to grill by placing it directly on the cooking grate, or use it with the Heat Deflector for low and slow indirect cooking.
Constructed of 304 stainless steel for durability, years of use and easy cleanup. Dishwasher safe.
Our Tips: Brush food with cooking oil to prevent sticking to the rack (if not using a dry rub).
Insert the ribs "thick side up", so they will self-moisten during cooking
Can be used with any type of grill or indoor oven
Vendor: Kamado Joe

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